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In 1960, 1.5X more people lived in the city than in the country. That factor has risen to 5X.  More people moving into the cities means higher density housing and competition for resources. Studies show that living in rural areas is 30% cheaper than in urban developments.  Interestingly, there is 20% higher homeownership rate among country folks, and they are 14% more likely to own their property free and clear. So why doesn’t everyone live in the sticks?

Well, there are fewer opportunities and limited access to things like viable employment, healthcare, legitimate entertainment, and modern infrastructure.  There are spiders, snakes, and racoons, among other invasive species. Plus it’s more work taming the wilderness than it is to feign politeness to the neighbor you don’t like. 

On the other hand, it’s easier to find a parking spot outside city limits.  Crime rates are lower, insurance costs are lower, noise levels are lower, stress levels are lower, less pollution, there’s more room to spread out, and housing is cheaper in the country.