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Although Friday the 13th has a bad rap for being unlucky, scientists have statistically proven that the day is no unluckier than any other day that a masked murderer hides in your basement, your barn, and the backseat of your broken-down car.  So quit worrying so much about what might happen to you tonight in the dark when you’re scared, alone, and the power goes out. 

As a point of fact, these scientists (the real researcher kind, not the crazy mad kind that inevitably wind up as the antagonists suffering a gruesome defeat at the end of the film) have also hypothesized and successfully concluded that the people who suffer from “bad luck” on any given Friday the 13th are those who ahead of time thought that something untimely was waiting for them.  These self-fulfilling-prophets are also apt to endure catastrophic karma on any other day as well.  So cheer up, buttercup, it’s going to be an amazing weekend!