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The US Senate confirmed Janet Yellen yesterday as the first woman Chair of the Federal Reserve.  Like her predecessor, Ms. Yellen has committed to keep interest rates low for as long as necessary to stimulate economic growth.  While the next GDP report won’t be released for a few more weeks, the report out this morning shows that the International Trade deficit shrunk considerably from -40.6B to -34.25B.  That’s always a great sign.

Speaking of signs (and foreshadowing the start of the winter Olympics a month from today), the Bond chart you just saw is forming that little ski jump pattern I was hoping for.  And I believe that in light of the optimism of a new year ahead (based partially Facebook observation which showed that the majority of my cyber-friends had a horrible 2013) that the little ski jump hill is all of the love we are going to see from Mortgage Bonds.

So find your home and lock in a great 30 year rate starting at 3.875% or better yet, a 15 year down around 3.25%.  You will thank me profusely a few years from now.