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So yesterday I mentioned that those who run our country will have unlimited spending for the next 13 months and that our national debt has soared to $17.2 trillion.  I also alluded to the fact that complaining really does a guy like myself no good and I was choosing to focus on the positive traits of our nation, including celebrating the lives of all of the enlightened previous presidents.  And as I did so I came to the realization this blessed land of ours really is the best in the world.  Nowhere else do these freedoms exist!  Sure we struggle: import prices are up and export prices are down, consumer sentiment is marginal and our citizens spend more money than we collectively earn.  But our central bank has done a dang fine job keeping inflation in check, our military keeps our children safe, and the tree huggers keep the air (relatively) clean.  But the single-most thing that I am grateful for as I plan to spend the next four days holed up in rented accommodations is that
I will not be forced to stare at portraits of our shirtless president.  I hope that you have a delightful President’s Day weekend and enjoy this beautiful land and the unseasonably warm weather (despite Al Gore’s best attempts to keep it cool) forecasted.