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Bentley, my 14 year old son, loves the Avengers.  All his friends love the Avengers.  Last night, for 15 minutes, he told me about possible plot conclusions to the final film that comes out next week.  It sounds super exciting, so I rented a couple theaters and thought I’d share them with you, my favorite people in the world.  

I’d love to have you join us at a showing of Avengers: Endgame at the Megaplex Theaters at Geneva, in Vineyard! 

We have two showings available: Thursday, April 25th at 5:30 PM or Saturday, April 27th at 11:15 AM.  (The first showing is a day before the film officially opens to the public!)

Since this is a theater and not a waterpark, seats are limited.  Consequently, we’ll only be able to provide your family with four tickets.  So choose your favorite children/friends.  Please be sure to arrive a little early to find your seats.

Please RSVP to or you can call Becca at 801-235-0929 and let her know how many tickets you want, and to which showing.