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This last Monday, Cubs shortstop Addison Russell dove into the Cardinals fans on the third baseline to catch a fly ball.  What he caught is an armful of melted cheddar and jalapenos.  And the jolted fan caught the nickname of “Nacho Man” as his enormous plate from the concessions stand toppled onto the field.  Between innings, Russell replenished Nacho Man’s goodies, gave him the game ball, and they snapped a selfie.  Nacho Man snagged another game ball an inning later and tossed it to some kids a couple rows up from himself.  The Cubs went on to win the game, clinching the NLC Division–which means they are heading to the playoffs.  Nacho Man left the stadium with a big smile on his face even though his Cards lost 2-10.

Not all of us win in our division, but all of us occasionally get our fresh, towering nachos toppled into the dirt.  Notoriety aside, where Nacho Man becomes a hero in my eyes is by giving that second ball away.  He admittedly went to the park that night “to catch fly balls”, and once he got his, he passed the next one on to some kids to whom it will mean a lot more.  I think that we have that opportunity on a regular basis in our industry to share our resources with others that need it.  I love giving credits at closing when it matters.  I love hooking people up with some movers on my dime.  I even don’t mind eating appraisals when buyers back out of the transaction.  I want to be like you, Nacho Man–except I root for the Cubs.