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And just like that, leaves are blowing across my browning lawn and I am hastily pulling a sweater over my shivering frame.  What just happened?

You know who else is wondering what happened?  The folks at Gatorade.  They made a video game that had the protagonist shun water in favor of their electrolyte and sugar filled beverage.  Evidently Water felt slighted and made a plea to the State of California.  As is happens, California was still in a drought and wanted to do everything in its power to get back into Water’s good graces.  California’s Attorney General fined Gatorade $300,000 for misrepresenting H2O as being inferior.  Water got a big head over all the attention and went swirling around the Caribbean and washing through the streets in Texas.  Meanwhile, cell phone toting teens are chugging Red Bulls and eating Winchell’s–both headquartered in the Golden State.  In the end it turns out that kids have been taught to conserve water, not drink it.

And that seems like a better story than bombastic bureaucrats and North Korea’s nuclear nonsense–none of which seems to be affecting interest rates one way or the other this week. Stay thirsty my friends.