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The Labor Department reported that there were 295,000 new (non-agricultural) jobs created last month, 19% more than the number that the markets expected.  Additionally, the Unemployment Rate slid down to a six-year low 5.5%.  The U6 (which measures total unemployment) dropped 0.3% to 11%.  Moreover, those 94.5% (or 89% depending on how you look at it) of the population who are gainfully employed saw an average of 0.1% higher earnings last month.

Consequently, Stocks and Bonds are getting pounded this morning.  Stocks see the likelihood of higher interest rates and the toll that could take on leveraged corporate earnings, and Bonds–well, the price of low yielding bonds plummets at the prospect of higher yielding bonds right?

Like the photo of the above sign, some things are obvious.  If you have been holding out for a lower rate, the sidewalk is coming to an end.  Take the savings that you can now realize and stop worrying about it :).  I’ll make it easy for you.