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Happy Mothers Day to you to whom that applies!

So once a month the Jobs Report comes out and all of us nerds huddle around our media outlet of choice to see how many new jobs were created in the previous month.  My media outlet of choice would be curled up on a couch with the mother of my children eating shortbread chocolate chip cookies that our son made.  But, since the BLS announces the Unemployment number at 6:30 AM our time, I see it on the muted TV in front of the treadmill in my basement.  By the time the number flashes across the screen I know that I only need to endure the sweaty monotony for another eight minutes before I go wake up the kids for school.  Life is full of sacrifices, and sacrificing is what moms do best.  So thanks Mom!

BTW: Though there were 50,000 fewer jobs created last month than expected, the Unemployment Rate stayed at 5.0%. Another standard of measurement, the Labor Force Participation Rate, shows that only 62.8% of eligible adults are working outside the home, for money.

The price of mortgage loans on Wall Street is right up at the highest level it’s been in the last two years–translating to interest rates being as low as they have been as well.