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Today is Veteran’s Day so banks and the bond market are closed, and there are no financial reports out either.  If I may, let me tell you one great thing about this country.

I experienced my first NASCAR race last weekend, though some of you will argue that I didn’t actually see a race since I went on Saturday and not Sunday.  I took my dad and my two oldest boys, pictured here–which was a great experience.  While I am not sure that I will be purchasing wired headsets to communicate with all of my racing buddies while we watch the same cars rumble past our eyes every 28 seconds for a two hour stretch, nor buying an RV to get us from town to town, I would probably go to this venue again.  I would go for one reason, and it’s also what I like best about parades:  the celebration of our nation’s real heroes.  When they asked all of the veterans to stand up just prior to the rest of us rising to sing the national anthem, I thought that my heart would burst open with pride and appreciation for the large minority of soldiers standing among the rest of us in the grandstand.  So from me to you soldiers, Happy Veteran’s Day.