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I haven’t been to Raging Waters since I was 17.  It’s not that I didn’t have the time of my life as a youth at the waterpark.  In fact I loved feeling my heart pound and my stomach race toward my throat, hanging out with friends, and scoping out the babes.  School was out, I had no bills to pay, and life was good.  This hydro-coaster was my favorite because I am pretty sure that I caught some air on the second hump one time.  But the reason that I haven’t been to Raging Waters in a quarter of a century is that they closed it for a time and I moved away–like all the way down to Utah County away.  And that is far; too far.  Just ask anybody who currently lives in the Salt Lake valley and they’ll tell you.

As it turns out, a nice little community pool called Seven Peaks now occupies the old Raging Waters space.  Like you and every other family west of the Mississippi, we have the Pass of All Passes because I want my kids to experience all of the exhilaration of youth before they get old like me and the rides make them nauseated.

Thanks to that blissful reminiscence, I lost the point that I was going to get to way back in paragraph one.  It was something about the Bond Market looking just like the old hydro-coaster in this photo.  The Feds meet up next week but there will be no policy statement read afterward and no Q&A news conference either.  It’s like the exact opposite of fun and excitement.  As a result, the Fed Fund Futures show a 0% chance that they’ll raise rates next week.  For all of you who seek thrills in different ways now-a-days, there is a 21% chance of a rate hike in June and a 63% chance that the Fed will bump rates by the end of the year.  There is a 100% chance that I will be at Seven Peaks again before December.  Hopefully way before December.