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With most of the inhabitants of Utah County and half of Europe, our family spent some time last week in Zion National Park. The allure of nature drew crowds (and their vehicles) in mind boggling numbers. Everyone it seems wants to experience the magnificent works of their Heavenly Father, for it has a way of making our own cares disappear, or at worst, seem petty. Working together as a family, we helped each other under boughs, over streams, and around boulders to the ascend up the canyon walls.  Up there the air is clear and one’s viewpoint is elevated.  On top that, the sense of accomplishment of getting our whole family to the top of the mountain is exhilarating.

I feel the same about the process of getting a loan closed for almost every family I help.  It is such an inordinate amount of inexplicable paperwork, that once the process is complete and the buyer is able to close on his new home–or the homeowner is able to save 40% on the interest the will pay on his loan, the achievement is invigorating.  That’s why I like originating loans.

No news out today, but the week will be full of consumer-centric data that none but the devout really pay any attention to.