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This Monday, August 24th, we will be having our annual “You are The Best Clients in the History of Mankind”  event at the Provo Seven Peaks Waterpark.  The park will be open from 5-9 PM exclusively for you, my awesome client.  If you didn’t see your invitation in the mail, just email me back and I will hook you up.  The ticket will get you and your immediate family into the park (even if there are more than five of you).  Or if you don’t want to bring your family, it’ll get you and four close friends through the gates. I look forward to seeing you Monday!

As far as interest rates go, it appears that the Federal Reserve will keep their rates close to zero for longer than anyone would have initially anticipated when they hit this level in 2008.  The target of a rate boost in the month of September that was prevalent among prognosticators earlier this year is now grounds for finger pointing taboo.  With stocks slumping, oil prices declining, China slowing down, and inflation well, deflated; the earliest sign of increasing rates looks to be December at the soonest.