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I used to watch David Letterman a lot.  I miss those days.  His golden age was during the Bush and Clinton administrations.  President Obama just didn’t provide him with enough material and I think that he retired too soon.  I have a feeling that President Trump will be single-handedly keep late-night TV living high on the hog for at least four years.  And other than that, I have no idea what to say about this huge chicken statue just erected outside a shopping mall in China.  I suppose that it should be insulting, but I can’t seem to not find it humorous.

Pending Home Sales fell 2.5% last month, while there was a 0.5% gain expected.  The decline is thought to be tied to higher interest rates and lower inventory levels.  The DOW has been flirting with 20,000 for over a week now and just can’t seen to hit that historic level.