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I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas holiday!  I will be the first to admit that it was particularly difficult to come in to the office this morning, especially considering the fact that I needed to shovel the driveway twice prior to egressing from the garage.

Europe is still seeing financial/political turmoil; Greece has held three parliamentary elections now and has failed to select a president for the storied country.  The markets are pretty quiet today though in the absence of economic reports, giving a guy a chance to reflect on what’s been done this year and to look ahead to 2015.

Like this chameleon who actually changes his color based on his attitude and uses his uncanny talents to eat, I am thinking about ways that I can run a better business in the year ahead.  I am pretty excited about formulating some attainable resolutions and meaningful goals this week that will help me become a better person 12 months hence.  I wish you the same.