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When I approached my IT guy last month to talk about getting a new computer, he suggested a Mac.  I already have an iPad, an Apple Watch, the Ear Pods, and I’m on like my sixth iPhone; so I figured “why not?”.  Well I went live on this machine yesterday and it was extremely painful.  I would have rather beat my head against the wall than try to save one more document to an unfindable folder.  I awoke this morning with a deep foreboding souring my otherwise pleasant workday ahead.  Well it’s just after noon and IT Guy has been in here a half dozen times so far today to coach me some basic processes inherent to Mac-dom.  I guess I am doing ok with it because I managed to get this email put together.  I have decided that it’s a little like snowboarding, and the first few days is just going to downright stink.  But by day five or six I should be shredding down the virtual highway looking cool and collected like the Mac-dude in the picture here. After all, nobody wants to be boring PC, right?

I’m not the only optimistic mind out there; the Fed’s Beige Book, published today, shows that companies across all Fed districts trumpeted an expectation for even better days ahead.  Polled professional investors also don rose-colored glasses; over 66% are totally bullish about the equities markets.  That rampant enthusiasm was last seen a year before Black Monday in 1987.  The DOW is up over 300 points, and bond pricing is at the lowest levels in the last 10 months.