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Twenty years ago yesterday, I graduated from college.  Like this guy, I wondered what in the world I was supposed to do with the rest of my life.  Though some days I still feel the same anxieties, it is nowhere near the state of mind boggling perplexity that I felt on that momentous occasion.  Nowadays. the greatest flummox I feel is in deciding what in the world to write about that you might find mildly entertaining, marginally interesting, or worth passing along to your clients.

After a month long march downward, mortgage interest rates turned a corner and are heading back up.  Here are a few of the factors impacting that trend today:

New Home Sales rose 5.8%, to an annualized 621,000 units–above the 590,000 predicted.

Trump’s tax reform is expected to happen for real.  The rate on U.S. companies is expected to drop from 35% to 15%; no word yet on individual rates.

Consumer Confidence, though lower than expected, is still at record highs.

Large-cap company stocks are thriving, driving the DOW up 1.08% this morning.