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Next week for most Utahans is spring break, and like most Utahans, we are taking the pilgrimage to California.  We just can’t get enough of the crowds, the traffic, and the overpriced amusement park food.  Not to mention the 12 hour car ride.  Count us in!  According to the Personal Consumption Expenditures data released this morning, this trip will cost us 2.1% more than it would have last year.  PCE measures household spending on goods and services, and is the federal government’s favorite measure of inflation.  The Fed is concerned about rising costs and wants to see them right about that 2% level: maintaining growth, but not excessively.  I’ve got news for you Madam Fed Chairman and Mr. San Diego Mayor: I am planning on spending waaaaaay less money on this year’s trip, and it’s not just because of the surf lessons that my wife found on Groupon.  This trip will be cheaper because we won’t have to buy a new car to get back home (hopefully!).