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My Promise to You

Whether you are buying a home, acquiring investment properties, seeking to pay off your mortgage more quickly, consolidating your debt, or just lowering your house payment, my job is to help you make your financial life better in an easy to understand way!

Help you get the best financing deal available

Do what I said I would: rate, fees, etc

Return your phone calls, emails, texts, etc. in a timely manner

Help your friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers with the same integrity

Whatever you need, our team can help!

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Our Mission

My vision for our interactions together is that, whether I am able to help you get a loan or not, you are so wildly pleased with your newly-enlightened understanding that you will enthusiastically introduce everyone you know to me for the same experience.

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What Our Clients are Saying

Leslie Jones
Leslie Jones
Jeremy always does a great job for my clients!
Julie Perea
Julie Perea
Working with Jeremy was a fantastic experience. He was able to get us qualified and approved for a home loan quickly and smoothly. I would recommend Jeremy and his team to anyone looking to purchase a home.
Jacky Iniguez
Jacky Iniguez
This is our first time purchasing a home and Jeremy was very attentive and helpful. He helped us understand the loan and the different type of interest rates, definitely recommend.
Sheri Joi
Sheri Joi
Our mortgage was not a straight forward "easy" transaction and I really appreciated all the guidance we received from Jeremy and Whitney along the way. I also appreciated the explanations along the way about the rate and what was happening in the market. I feel like Jeremy went above and beyond for us in many ways in this transaction and I would highly recommend him for any mortgage transaction.
Brady Curtis
Brady Curtis
Jeremy and his team were great at helping us get our home refinanced. I honestly had no clue how quick and easy it would be.
Bryce Roberts
Bryce Roberts
I had an amazing experience dealing with Whitney and Jeremy. They was always watch out for me and on the ball with things. I will keep them in mind always and will use them and suggest them to everyone I know looking for what they serve. Thanks again guys.
Justin Gwilliam
Justin Gwilliam
If it’s not Jeremy throw it back. I hardly had to think about the process he made it so smooth.
JMoses Moses
JMoses Moses
Jeremy and his team provided great customer care and support throughout the entire process.
Tiffany Sommer Johnson
Tiffany Sommer Johnson
Jeremy and the team were amazing! I have done a couple loans there and they always answer all of my (many) questions quickly and thoroughly. They check in without pressuring and do their best to make sure we got the best rates and terms out there. Not to mention follow up like this tax info that is extremely helpful!!!
Ricky Fifita
Ricky Fifita
Jeremy, and his team, helped with everything along the way. He’s very thorough and willing to do whatever is needed to be sure we understood everything throughout. Highly recommend Jeremy for lending needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need to get pre-approved for a loan?

In most cases, you’ll need to provide:

  1. Most recent two pay stubs from your job.  Make sure they show gross, net, and year-to-date earnings
  2. W-2s and federal tax returns (personal & business, if applicable) for the last two years  
  3. All pages of a recent bank statement, showing where any down payment funds would be coming from  
  4. Photo ID   
  5. Divorce Decree, if applicable

How can I qualify for a larger amount?

Lowering monthly payment obligations (i.e., Care payments, Credit Card debt, Student Debt) is one way.  Another is to beef up your down payment funds. Lastly, increasing the qualifying income goes a very long way. To wit: getting a raise, a higher-paying job, or having someone co-sign with you all help.  A lower interest rate will also do wonders.

What are the general qualifications to receive a mortgage?

Earn money and manage it well. Generally speaking, your monthly income needs to be at least 2.5x the anticipated monthly house payment and the credit score needs to be above 620 FICO.  The new house payment plus all other monthly debt obligations (including child support/alimony but excluding utilities and extraneous insurance) will need to stay under 36%-55%, depending on the loan program. 

How long Does it usually take to get a Mortgage?

While the law says you need to wait at least seven business days from the time you sign the initial application documents, generally speaking, it takes two to four weeks from start to finish.  I have closed a number of loans in seven business days though.

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