Consumers are Happy

The DOW has been down as much as 265 points this morning.  Much is the concern is coming from economic turmoil in Europe.  Here at home, the news is all about the consumer.  Retail Sales rose .86% last month, while the price we paid for our stuff went up .23% at the same time.  And we were happy about it; Consumer Sentiment rose more than analysts expected.

The news this week has helped interest rates stay in near their lows for the year.  Save some money by refinancing your home so you can spend more at the store I say 🙂

Low Prices Ahead

Case Shiller confirms that home prices across the country rose 11.3% in 2013 and anticipates that number to shrink in half for the 2014 year (don’t shoot the messenger). Speaking of lower prices: Retail Sales rose by just 0.1% in April, way under the 1.2% increase in March.  So it’s a great time to go stock up on lots of stuff that you don’t need. The S&P Index just hit 1,900 for the first time ever before slinking back down under that mark.