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Today is traditionally tax day, but because Emancipation Day is being observed by public officials, taxpayers across the country are liberated from cutting a check back to Uncle Sam until Monday.  Since I am not directly employed by Uncle Sam and don’t get out much, this is the first I have ever heard of Emancipation Day…even though it was 154 years ago tomorrow that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.  Man that brother deserves more than just to be on the $5 bill and the penny.

It’s also getting to be that time of year when you have to wait two hours to get into a restaurant for dinner because the parents of 80,000 college students are here to pick up their kids for the summer and hopefully see some of them graduate.  If you know one (or five) of these soon-to-be college grads who is looking for a job you might recommend the manufacturing sector, which has just recently taken off after being in the dumps for the last two years.  Too little too late for Geneva Steel–though most of the recent college grads are now ironically living in the thousands of new dwellings being constructed out of wood on land once used to fabricate stuff out of metal and provide jobs for half of Utah County.