“We are really enjoying our new home in which you played a vital role in making this happen.  Most importantly you were upfront, honest, fair, straightforward and just made it simple for us and got it done when the time came as you promised!  It was a pleasure doing business with you and will recommend you to friends and family.  Thank you for all you did!!–Cody & Kari Hall

“He is great to work with and pleasant to be around.  You really feel like his primary concern is getting the best deal for you and your family.  Jeremy has personally managed 2 new mortgages and 5-6 refinances.  He helped us sell our first condo when we did for sale by owner.  He has become more than our mortgage guy–he is now a friend.”–Derek Jensen

“I wanted to thank you for everything you did for myself and family. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. I truly felt like you cared about my needs. I will absolutely recommend everyone I know to come and work with you and your company. Thank you again.” –Jeff Nuttall

“Jeremy, I just want to say thank you. This experience was very easy for me. You are really easy to work with and you are a really personable person. I know that you will take care of me in the best way possible.” —Ryan Ross

“If we would have known that the process would be this easy we would have purchased a home a long time ago.  Jeremy laid all of our options out in front of us and we knew he had our best interest in mind as he helped us pick the loan that would work best for us”–Garrett & Amy Beth O’Brien

“Jeremy does a great job.  He deserves to have the office with the view.”–Ted & Hanna Wangensteen

“Everything went smoothly and without any dreaded surprises.  He was on top of the process every step of the way from pre-qualification to funding”–Charan Singh

“The whole process was positive.  We are glad our friends recommended him to us and we will recommend him as well.”–Kristin Francis

“Jeremy is fast! We trust Jeremy completely to do what’s best for us! We recommend him for his honesty, knowledge, friendliness, and how easy he makes the process.” —Pat & Don Bahr

“Everything went how Jeremy said it would; there were no surprises.  I didn’t feel pressured; he gave me information but wasn’t a ‘salesman’.  I’ve dealt with about a dozen loan officers in my adult life and now I don’t have to deal with another new guy.  Jeremy is my go-to guy.”–Luke Lassiter

“Jeremy is honest. He is a thoughtful person, has a pleasant personality, and we like him because he is kind to everyone.” —Javier Anaya & Hilaria Torres

“We have used Jeremy in the past, we will use him again, and will definitely recommend him to others”–Jeff Harris

“We really appreciate you and your time helping us! The outcome was better than expected and we were amazed by how fast everything went! You are wonderful to work with and we’re sure we will be seeing you again in the future.” —Johnny & Denielle Charlesworth

“Not only does your ethic for doing what’s best for your clients keep me coming back to you, but it inspires me to remember to do the same for the people I work with.” —Marc Foshee

“We recommend Jeremy to our friends because we know that he will do everything he can to save them time and money”–James & Nanette Fullen

“Jeremy takes excellent care of us every time we have had him prepare our loans and keeps us updated regularly. He does what he says; he is honest and helpful.” —Cal & Christine Metcalf

“Your straightforward, honest talk is refreshing and your ability to explain all of the costs involved put us at ease.” —Justin & Stacy Atwood

“We appreciate the patience and calmness with which you helped us, especially when a problem presented itself. We recommend you for your patience, calmness, friendliness, dedication, and honesty.” —Jose Graneros & Mariana Hartridge

“We like working with someone we trust. Thanks for all you did; it was a very easy and fast experience. You did a fantastic job!” —Ron & Monica Fox

“He got us a great rate & closed the loan quickly without any hitches”–Mike & Karen Herrington

“Thank you very much for your work and everything you have done for us. We recommend you to our friends because you are honest, truthful, and always make it really easy and fast.” —Roy & Mirna Scott

“Jeremy made us feel comfortable with the whole process”–Ana & Cris Castaneda

“Thank you for everything you have done for us and for all of your clients”–Roberto Rosales

“I appreciated that my questions were answered in a timely and thorough manner. Also, Jeremy remembered things about the kind of people that we are and provided unrequested helpful information accordingly.” —Amy Rasmussen

“We loved the analysis tool that Jeremy used to show us the options we had and the financial benefit.  We loved that he was patient in answering our questions and showed that he had nothing to hide.  He is by far the most honest and professional loan officer we have ever worked with.  Thank you for making this process so easy and seamless for us”–Ahmad and Kristal Kareh

“You treat everyone as if they are your only client.” —Jered & Brena Plouzek

“You were so good with all of the details; truly amazing! You are the best loan officer I have ever seen.” —Carl Chappell

“Jeremy was awesome! We had a time crunch and still everything sailed through perfectly with Jeremy being so quick and on top of everything.” —Kevin & Mari Farr

“You always make me feel comfortable and confident with what you are doing. I recommend you because you are honest and professional. Thanks for your help.” —Alex Aguayo

“We will recommend Jeremy to anyone who could use his services.  We were so grateful for all he did for us.”–Emily & Gary Fullmer

“Very fast processing! We recommend you, overall, because we trust you. Thanks for working so hard and always being straight with us.” —Adam & Cheri Pitcher

“Jeremy is a great person to work with and he does his absolute best to get you the best deal possible.  We are so lucky to have been able to work with him in buying our first home”–Larina Alston

“I got a lower interest rate with a quick and easy transaction. Thanks!” —Ron Wittusen

“Jeremy credited us a lot for the down payment so we could save our cash for home repairs; that was impressive.  Getting into debt is never fun, but Jeremy made it easy to sign our lives away”–Audra & Travis Hawkins

“Jeremy was vey friendly to answer any question we had.  We had a great experience” —Bailey Christiansen

“Jeremy was SO knowledgeable and helpful.  He is fantastic with numbers and he was able to respond quickly with any questions we had” —Victoria Trujillo

“He is a pleasure to deal with  and handles every detail expertly and makes is a painless and efficient process.  Jeremy has bent over backwards to make my loans easy and my interest rates low” —Jeremy & Amy Keele

“We really liked working with Jeremy and felt that he did everything he could for us.  He was so knowledgeable about the process and the ins and outs that we felt confident that we were getting a good loan.  He really did an excellent job”–Geoff & Lori Hack

“Jeremy was amazing!”–Heidi Thorpe

“We got the rate and the loan terms we wanted; wonderful job!”–Trudy Fegel

“It was much easier than we thought it was going to be! He worked hard and fast to get our loan done, and he kept us in the loop the whole time so we always knew what was going on.”–Daniel & Lindsay Hobbs

“Jeremy took all of the time we needed to understand what our options were.  He has visited with us several times over the last few years and he came highly recommended to us.”–Johanna Whitaker

“This was our first time buying a home together so we didn’t know very much about the process.  Jeremy was quick to answer all of our questions and helped us to clearly understand the ins and outs of getting a home loan.  We had a great experience!”–Jamie & Steve Haslam

“It was easy! Jeremy was always accessible & was there to answer all of my questions. No complaints”–Tavan Smith

Jeremy was very thorough and helpful.  He knows his stuff!”–Anna Webb

“I am glad that we had Jeremy to help us with buying our first home…I thought it was going to be so complicated and hard but come to find out it was really easy and so fun to pick up keys to our brand new home :)”–Sarah & Chris Leest

“I think the best part was knowing he was looking out for us and that we could trust his advice”–Vernon & Sandra Freeman

“The experience was quick & easy–we knew what we needed to do and when and what we needed to have.  We were presented our options succinctly and efficiently and were able to close in a couple of weeks.”–Jessica Jazexhiu

“In a world where everyone wants to take from you, Jeremy gives.  Which is very refreshing.  He cares and is concerned about your welfare as a client” —Susan M. Trolla

“He was knowledgeable about the market and gave us good advice without any pressure.”–Jared Szymanski

“Jeremy was helpful through the thick and thin of it.  I had a wonderful experience working with him”–Connor M. Jenkins

“Jeremy was very professional in every way.  I have called him several times just for advice and he has been very willing to help me out.”–Brent Rawlings

“Jeremy has been the best broker we have ever worked with”–Matt Gwilliam”

“Jeremy was extremely knowledgeable and patient in teaching us all about our loan; he was honest and upfront with us through the entire experience.  We were so grateful to be able to work with him.”–Ryan & Megan Goodwin

“He was amazing!  I feel like he went the extra mile on our behalf.”–Jarrah & Danor Gerald

“At the end of the day, I feel like I can always trust what Jeremy tells me.  I also know that he’ll take care of me and put my interests first.”–Steve Dalton