A Discussion About Nothing

It’s been quite a boring week in the world of economic data, and that has made for some interesting discussions.  Meaningless, but interesting all the same. It’s like my favorite show about nothing, but much, much less entertaining.  Here is a recap of the week’s events and how they impact you.

Our attitudes and expectations concerning present and future economic conditions declined 0.4% in the United States of America this month versus last month.  Moreover, as a collective body of consumers of retail goods, we Americans spent 0.9% less, comparing the same two time periods.  Why is that important to know?  It’s really not, but it beats writing about how the economic turmoil in Greece may lead to their secession from the European Union.

Have a great weekend!  Interest rates have risen just a touch in each of the last 11 days, but appear to have found a stop.  Next week we can talk about inflation indicators; join me next time won’t you?