About Me

I have a wonderful, beautiful wife and four awesome boys. I love spending time with them at home and abroad. Most days, the entire household would agree that we have a terrific family life; just don’t ask the kids on a Sunday evening when they are dreading going back to school.

I enjoy moderate exercise including walking my dogs around the neighborhood in the evenings, cart golf (my bag is way too heavy to carry on my shoulder for three miles), hiking with my kids, mountain biking with the high school team, and a Thanksgiving 5k with my family. I also try to put in a little time each morning at the gym in my basement so I can watch TV.

I believe that our minds are our best resource and are powerful enough to effectuate all the changes we want out of life.  To that end, the first thing that I do every morning when I arrive at the office is read for 60 minutes; it is a great way to stay grounded with what matters most, and expand my short-sighted horizons.

As anyone who has seen my desk or car can attest, I am fairly well organized and prefer a clean environment.