Zillow Home Values/Christmas Social

Happy Friday!

A prominent home value website shows that prices bumped up 1.2% during the peak home buying season of June through September. They show that values only increased 6.4% from last September, and prognosticate that home values will only rise 3.8% by next September. While certainly better than a divination for diminution, the calculation is only roughly half of the gain that other market mystics predict.

Interest rates are still trending upward despite the affirmation for continued Federal intervention by outgoing and incoming Fed Chairs. Government loans are still stellar at 3.75% for 30 year and 3.375% for 15 year, while Conventional loans are 3.375% for 15 and 4.25% for 30 year programs respectively. The APR will be higher—especially on FHA—and varies with the down payment and loan amounts. I will be more than happy to run specific numbers for you if you are looking for something.

We are having an open house in our building in a couple of weeks and hope that you can come:

Mortgage Market Movement 11/08/2013

Happy Friday,

The big headline today is that 204,000 new jobs were credited last month, more than double the 100,000 expected. Oddly enough, the Unemployment Rises to 7.3% from last month’s 7.2%. Stocks are marginally (DOW up 97), but the big news is the bond market. The 10 Year yield spiked instantaneously from 2.6% to 2.75% as prices opened down 90bps.

Mortgage interest rates are up .125% across the board, from 3.875% for 30 year FHA to 4.375% for Conventional. 15 year rates are still down at 3.375%.